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Production / Mixing / Engineering / Remixing


The Brood- Gareth Whitehead

Mix Engineer - Additional Production

The Brood was the album concept of bullet: dodge main man Gareth Whitehead. The album sees collaborations from the who's who of house and techno: the early pioneers who helped shape the sound of the Detroit, Chicago, New York and UK scenes from the early 80s and 90s. 
The album was created using a hybrid or old vintage gear and modern day technology. Mixed on a Neve VR at the once SSR Studios Camden.


The Brood - Techno Documentary 

Featured in DJ Mag

The Brood

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"Whitehead's stunning debut album 'The Brood' dropped a few months ago with amazing collaborations with Marshall Jefferson, X Press 2, Eddie Fowlkes, Darren Emerson, Carl Cox and Adamski, to name but a few. Here, some of the tracks get remixed. Ibizan legend DJ Alfredo gets in the studio with Lee Pennington to do his first ever remix, taking on Gareth's track with Mia Wallace and Sqyre. This will take you by surprise as they turn in an acid-tinged late-night destroyer that breaks into an end-of-night classic string anthem. Jan Cree does an excellent twilight tech makeover of Whitehead and Andy Slate's 'Sustain.' The Revenge, fresh from his excellent debut album, turns in a stripped-back, shadowy remix of my own and Gareth Whitehead's 'In Mind'. " - MIXMAG


Mix Engineer / Producer & Artist

Resident in-house engineer since 2008 for Glasgow based experimental, house and techno label bullet:dodge. 
Artist credits include: Gareth Whitehead, My Evil Twin, Hans Bouffmyhre, Jay Pace, Werner Neidermeier, Twenty's Plenty, Tom Taylor, Carl Cox, Jan Cree, X-Press 2, Detroit Grand Pubhas, Andy Slate, Eddie Fowlkes, Ben Long, Lenny Dee, Adamski, P-Ben, Frankie Bones, Darren Emerson, Inxec, Mash, Squire.


Engineering / Mixing Credits

Gareth Whitehead

My Evil Twin



Carl Cox

Lenny Dee

Frankie Bones

Marshall Jefferson

Robert Owen

Eddie Fowlkes

Darren Emerson

Detroit Grand Pubhas

Werner Neidermeier

Hans Bouffmyhre

Jay Pace

X-Press 2

Jan Cree

Twenty's Plenty

Tom Taylor


Mia Wallace

Andy Slate

Paris The Black Fu

Ben Long

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Duran Duran


A remix project for 80s legends Duran Duran. This remix was part of a collection released by Epic Records in the US. Other remixers include, Eric Prydz, Pablo La Rosa, Dready and Johnson Somerset.

Listen to the track here.

Master Shortie


Remix project with old Boss under the guise of Suspect Superstars with

"A diverse, quirky rapper able to share the stage with both indie revolutionaries Hadouken! and hip-hop legend Erick Sermon, Master Shortie came on the U.K. hip-hop scene in 2008 with the throwback anthem “Rope Chain.” Raised in South London"

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Pigeon Detectives

Remix - (Suspect Superstars)

Another remix project as Suspect Superstars of "Emergency" by the platinum selling English indie rock band from Rothwell in Leeds, West Yorkshire, who formed in 2004.

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