Zodiac Childs

Co-Writer, Producer, Engineer

Zodiac Childs is a project by an anonymous London DJ/Producer. A melting pot of influences; the original UK early 90s rave scene, classic electro, breaks, a sprinkling of techno and early trance. 

This project presents classic breaks, hours of noodling on hardware synths, lush reverbs and a staple diet of 303.

A number of EPs released on Zodiac Wax and Brighton based Further Electronic.

Zodiac Childs_EP1_Artwork.jpg

Zodiac Childs

An evolution of old skool

The first EP released on Zodiac Wax

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Co-Production / Writer

This is a collaboration with producer and fellow Ableton Certified Trainer, Phelan Kane. We set out to pay homage to the acid techno and early 90s rave.
Strictly 303 in all flavours.


Inpuht Live Jam

Hybrid Rig - Ableton Live & Hardware



Ripping up the blueprint for the so called future techno sound, Inpuht takes soaring squelch lines and marries them with melodic overtones, warm bass and shuffling beats. Welcome to the next era of Techno, where the music wears its heart on its sleeve, has a grin on its face and preconceptions are left away from the dance floor.