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Michael Greig

House / Techno / Tech House

Here are some of my tracks released through Bullet Dodge Records. The tracks released under my own name tend to be styled in a house or techno flavour. 

Jetson Blowfinger

Experimental Project

Having released music in various specific genres, I decided to create a new moniker where I could just write music with no genre limitations, a project to have fun, explore, and not take things too seriously. The Jetson Blowfinger character is my alter ego, a placeholder for everything I do that doesn't comply with the norm.
A collection of tracks and experiments from 2001 - 2006



Hardcore / Rave / Old Skool

My first electronic music project started in the summer of 1992. Euphony was originally a Live PA project for the Scottish Rave scene which over time developed into a producer moniker for the Happy Hardcore and UK Hardcore scene with tracks on Raver Baby, UK Dance, Definitive Dance, Evolution, 247 Hardcore, and Clubland.

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