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Euphony Sound Labs was established in the mid-90s as a production studio to support the founder's first electronic music project during the early rave scene. However, it quickly transformed into a commercial recording studio that provided support to the local music scene in Dundee, Scotland.

The studio was open to musicians and producers from various music genres, ranging from Indie to Hardcore Techno. In the early days, ESL's sound design was centered on creating sample libraries for AKAI Samplers that were saved on Zip100 discs and CD-Roms.

Although the studio is not as active with recording as it was before, it is still kept alive through sound design projects, such as creating Ableton Live Packs. ESL takes pride in its humble legacy and is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of sound design and innovation.

Cosmos Impulse Responses
Ableton Max For Live Convolution Pro

Hey there, fellow music producers! We've got something that might interest you - a pack containing 20 main Audio Effect Racks and a folder of impulse responses.


These Audio Effect Racks are specifically designed to help you shape your sound with ease. Each rack comes with an instance of Max For Live Convolution Pro loaded with a custom impulse response, allowing you to achieve a professional-grade sound quickly and easily. With 8 macro controls mapped to the EQ section of Convolution Pro, you can easily shape your sound to fit your vision.


The installation process is also super simple - just drag and drop the pack onto the Ableton Live interface, and the pack will automatically install into the pack's directory. You might see a small message box alerting you to the pack's legacy nature, but don't worry, it's perfectly normal and won't affect the quality of the pack.


We're not here to boast about our product, but we truly believe it can make a difference in your music production. Give it a try, and let us know what you think. We're always open to feedback and suggestions to make our product even better.

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