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Zodiac Childs release triple vinyl album Atoms to Atoms!

It is here at last! After a long time playing production tennis with my partner in crime Dave Chambers, we are super excited to announce the release of the long awaited Zodiac Childs debut studio album, "Atoms To Atoms"

The album was an absolute labour of love, already receiving some great press across the net. I think Juno Records' description sums it up beautifully.........

Zodiac Childs are a real hero duo in the world of spaced out breakbeats. They don't release often - just a few times since 2018, but always on revered labels like Furthur Electronix, Exalt and their own Zodiac Wax, but when they do it is a real event. Atoms to Atoms is a long awaited debut album spread across six glorious sides of vinyl, packed with cosmic breaks, sci-fi ambience and lush future soundscapes. Plenty of subtle rave signifiers are deeply entrenched in these pieces, which range from purely atmospheric such as 'Kepler Track Two' to absolutely blissed out dance floor territory as on 'O To The M.' These tracks could have been unearthed on a DAT lost since 1994, or they could be beamed back from the future. Either way, they're excellent.


Special thanks to Ged for putting together such an awesome video for Channels, this really portrays the track......


You can get the album direct from us through the Bandcamp store or through most underground record stores in the UK. If you're outside the UK, don't stress we can still sort out getting this great piece of art to you regardless of your location

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