• Michael Greig

New release on Wiin records!!

I'm super stoked to announce this release in collaboration with my son Felix Harley Greig, "The Dark Star"

Felix after his first go on Ableton Push dropped this groovy acid baseline with a rather neat drum groove. With a little arranging help from Dad along with the additional the remixing talents of My Evil Twin and Sqyre

Citizens of Earth experience The Dark Star........


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Some great feedback on this record.....

Russell Deeks (IDJ,This Is Why We Dance,)

"Solid stuff The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix)"

Drumcomplex (Drumcomplex)

"nice one The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix)"

Claude Von Stroke

"Great tracks"

Chad Jackson (Big Fish, Little Fish / Stress / DMC)

"Wonky donkey The Dark Star"

Paul Hutchinson / Mr Paul (Peacock / Discotecapoca)

"Proper techno. Track 3 is sublime"

Sean Sines (Subliminal)

"Loving this. The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix) for me!!! Thanks for sending x "