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New release on Wiin records!!

I'm super stoked to announce this release in collaboration with my son Felix Harley Greig, "The Dark Star"

Felix after his first go on Ableton Push dropped this groovy acid baseline with a rather neat drum groove. With a little arranging help from Dad along with the additional the remixing talents of My Evil Twin and Sqyre

Citizens of Earth experience The Dark Star........





Some great feedback on this record.....

Russell Deeks (IDJ,This Is Why We Dance,)

"Solid stuff The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix)"

Drumcomplex (Drumcomplex)

"nice one The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix)"

Claude Von Stroke

"Great tracks"

Chad Jackson (Big Fish, Little Fish / Stress / DMC)

"Wonky donkey The Dark Star"

Paul Hutchinson / Mr Paul (Peacock / Discotecapoca)

"Proper techno. Track 3 is sublime"

Sean Sines (Subliminal)

"Loving this. The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix) for me!!! Thanks for sending x "

Joseph Capriati (Naples/Italy,,)

"Sqyre remix is super thanks !"

Kadosh (Frau Blau, Innervisions, Watergate, Disco Halal)

"sounds good, thanks! x The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix) "

Sas (Metrica)

"cool ep. Sqyre Remix is great"

Luca Morris (Microdinamic) (Terminal M, Polar Noise, New Violence, Saved)

"very cool - My Evil Twiin Remix)!!!!"

Christian Varela / CUBR1K (Agile, Spazio Sonoro, Dolma, Induxtriall, Konekt, Toolroom, Variety) "Excellent for my aka CUBR1K! Thanks for your music. The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix)"

Keef Luv (The One Ibiza Radio shows (4 shows weekly))

"Good grief and gravy!!! These tooons most certainly have cojones in abundance. Excellent release. Original for me. Hope to play on show!!!"

Nicka Kirstejn (Stella Polaris - Copenhagen)

"My Evil Twiin mix is the one for me"

Paco Osuna (Minus, Cadenza, Tronic, Circus, Blackflag, Rukus)

"Will try Sqyre Remix thanks ;)"

William Daniel (William Daniel)

"Nice and pumping. The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix)"

My Evil Twiin (Glasgow U.K,,)

"would be wrong to pick my own My Evil Twiin mix so i'll opt for the original and look forward to some more tunes from Felix to remix in the future"

DJ Numen (Mexico - Moai Magazine / Reviews)

"Very cool" The Dark Star (My Evil Twiin Remix)"

Dimitri Schnider / Definition (Dimitri Schnider / Definition)

"Thanks for the great music! The Dark Star original for me"

Moskalus ()

"fresh!!! The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix) "

Chris Fortier (Fade, Selador, Bedrock, Get Physical, Culprit, Motek, Tulipa)

"sounds good - The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix)"

Secret Cinema (Drumcode, Gem, Second State, Stil Vor Talent)

"Original for me thx. Sounding great"

Lonya (Selador, Asymmetric, Beat Boutique, Einmusika, Sincopat, Frau Blau, Beatfreak, Jeahmon!)

"support The Dark Star - original"

D'Jamency (Gastspiel Records, Remain, IAMT, Reload, Natura Viva)

"thxx for the music ! - The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix)"

"Great - The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix)"

Richie Hawtin (MiNus)

"downloaded for r hawtin"

Kiss FM Australia (Kiss FM)

"thanx - The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix) for us"

Christopher Brennan (The Brutal and the Beautiful radio Show)

"That My Evil Twiin Remix is wild. Will play"

Lunacy Sound Division (Mark Gwinett) (Cubism, Suara)

"Heavy stuff from My Evil Twin... "

Eric Powell (, ,)

"solid / The Dark Star (Sqyre Remix)"

Tom Page (Disjointed Reality)

"The Dark Star / original for me, thanks so much! :) "

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